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Welcome to RiE MORRiS Online Salon!

In collaboration with the British brand edbl

We have released the EP "Here With You"

Interview with edbl and upcoming guest appearances

We hope you enjoy the special content to the fullest...

I want to continue to connect more and more deeply...

With this wish in mind,

We have launched an online salon

Members can enjoy the following services:

Monthly fee: 550 yen

"Monthly Chill Radio"

Once a month on Shonan Beach FM


(under the name of Rachel Fukushima)

Original radio for salons.

Programs that can only be heard here

Distributed once a month.


Special Interview Video

Near the November release

coming soon!

Official Community

Riemo Cafe

Once a month for 1 hour

From each of our chill spaces

Salon-exclusive live streaming

Topics include love, work, and life

Anything is OK!

Each of your favorites

With a drink in hand

While chilling out

let's have fun!

+@Paid project proposal

Look forward to it ♪

"Shonan Video Full ver."

Rie Morris's Shonan Days

Favorite spots in the area

Take a stroll...

It will be distributed once or twice a month.



Please contact us here for any requests.


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